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Draggin’ the Bow with Tangleweed and Shotgun Party

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This is the second of our encores with our friends in Shotgun Party at the Old Town School last month. We each play the raggy fiddle tune “Draggin’ the Bow”, but we each do it it slightly different ways. This loose rendition attempts to merge the two.


All Night Long, with Tangleweed and Shotgun Party

This is the first of two encore tunes Tangleweed played with Shotgun Party at the Old Town School of Folk Music, the old time chestnut ‘All Night Long’, with some goofy instrument thrown in the mix. Quality entertainment.


The Dubliners singing Weilia Walia

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Tangleweed is getting ready for our Saturday show at the Fiddler’s Hearth in South Bend, dusting off some of our Irish repertoire. We’ll almost certainly play this one, perhaps the catchiest song ever written about infanticide.

The footage is from Swedish television in 1973. Ronnie Drew has the lead vocal.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The first three Dubliners records, The Dubliners with Luke Kelly, In Concert, and Finnegan Wakes are three of the finest records you will ever hear in any genre.


Video of Tangleweed’s wax cylinder recording session

Tangleweed had a chance to record a tune on an early 20th century Edison wax cylinder recording rig. Martin Fisher, audio archivist at Middle Tennessee State University, set up the acoustic recording studio at last week’s Folk Alliance conference in Memphis

This being a pre-electric recording studio, the band was gathered around a single horn, which was connected directly to a lathe that etched the sounds into a blank wax cylinder. Each cylinder blank could hold two minutes, so we had to tweak the arrangement and push the tempo a bit to get it in under the maximum time. We recorded two takes. It’s all live to mono, so there’s no ‘fixing in the mix’, as it were.

The tune is a Tangleweed medley called ‘The Logan Square Dance’.

We will have audio of the cylinder itself soon.


Who wants pie?

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We look forward to playing the Bucktown Apple Pie Contest every October. In anticipation of this year’s contest, we offer this footage of last year’s event, with some fine Tangleweed and pie-related footage.

Scott was a finalist the first year of the contest. Since then, though, the band members have only baked loser pies, bringing shame upon us all. For information on this year’s Apple Pie Contest, visit


Hot 78rpm action with the Sons of the Pioneers

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There’s a fellow on YouTube by the name of 78Man, who has posted over 800 videos of 78rpm records playing. The result is strangely compelling — like the yule log, but with better music.

One of the more appealing sides offered is the Sons of the Pioneers classic, Cool Water. The description says that this is a 1948 recording, but I think this is the version they recorded in Chicago on March 27th, 1941 for Decca. It was released on Brunswick’s English subsidiary, which would expain the label. Of course, I can’t see the catalog label to confirm this.

A free Dixie cup to the person who can count all the instances of the word ‘water’ in this recording.


Driving and drumming on LSD

Lake Shore Drive, that is. This latest driving and drumming video has our ‘With a Bottle in My Hand/ Farewell Blues’ medley as the soundtrack, and the view from the southbound lanes of Chicago’s most famous motorway providing the scenery.


Dragging and drumming and driving

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More mysterious driving and drumming from the streets of Chicago. This time, the soundtrack comes from our second CD, the leadoff track, “Draggin’ the Bow”. I’m guessing this was shot under the Lake Street El tracks.

I just got a note from the auteur. Maybe we’ll have him sit in on the steering wheel sometime soon.