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Tangleweed Banjoist protests Promoter Ordinance

Tangleweed’s own Ryan Fisher was recently featured in a documentary about the proposed Promoter Ordinance in Chicago. You can check out his segment below, and also view the entire documentary here. The documentary was produced by JaGoFF, presented in conjunction with

Since its proposal, the ordinance has been tabled thanks to the large outcry by Chicago’s independent music community. This means the issue can still become active at any point, so it’s important for everyone to stay vigilant. We’ll keep you updated on the TweedBlog if any new information becomes available. Also, here’s a good resource with links related to the issue:

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Fill out the Promoter Ordinance Survey!

By Billy Oh. Filed under: News, TweedBlog. Tags:

This just in from the Chicago Music Commission, the group of activists spearheading the resistance to the Promoter Ordinance.

Hello fellow musicians/music lovers,

The “promoters ordinance” was postponed, but it is not over yet. A committee is working on a revised ordinance that will probably come up again for a vote in 1 month. The Chicago Music Commission is asking people to fill out a survey about the promoter’s ordinance that they’ll present to Daley and City Council. The last day to complete the survey is this Friday. Here’s a link:

Please take the time (15-20 minutes) to click on the link below, read the ordinance, and fill out the Chicago Music Commission’s survey by Friday. All of us will be negatively affected by this ordinance if the language is not revised. It seems like the city is open to revising the language, but there must be a large outcry in order to make it happen.

Pass this along to every musician/music lover you know!

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Promoter Ordinance update

By Billy Oh. Filed under: News, TweedBlog. Tags:

Good news – thanks to the large public outcry against the Promoter Ordinance, the proposal has been pulled from tomorrow’s City Council meeting. There will be further review and undoubtedly this is not the end of the issue, so hopefully everyone will stay informed. We’ll try to keep you updated on the Tangleweed blog. In the meantime, contact your alderman and let him/her know how important the independent music scene is to Chicago, and why an ordinance like this is a bad idea.

For this of you (like me) who are just finding out about this issue, Jim DeRogatis of the Sun-Times has written an excellent blog detailing the ordinance, its history, and public reaction to it:

Here’s another blog that was also responsible for raising public awareness.  They collected almost 6,000 signatures for their online petition opposing the ordinance:

Power to the people!

Oppose Promoter Ordinance! (please?)

By Billy Oh. Filed under: News, TweedBlog. Tags:

My friend Julie Benner (banjoist and musical activist) just sent this out. Hope everyone will read and act accordingly…

Hey friends:

Quickly, a plea. There is an ordinance being voted on in the city council meeting tomorrow that will severely impact the freedom of small venues to host events. It is called the Promoter Ordinance and it is going to require venues to pay more fees and jump through more bureaucratic hoops than ever! This means music, performance, theatre, comedy, etc will be affected and limited to only the wealthy and established venues and promoters! Yuk!

I encourage you to email or call your alderman TODAY. Particularly if you live in the 47th ward, as the Gene Schulter himself is the one who brings this ordinance before the council.

Here is more information about the ordinance:

And here is a link to find your alderman:

Extra Credit: Join me and others tomorrow morning at 9 am at city hall to protest! There will be a musical uprising!

I’ll bring the banjo – you bring a guitar, harp, kazoo, castanets, your audition monologue, mime act or baritone uke – whatever! For real, we are going to sing out! 121 N. LaSalle St. The council meets on the second floor. See you there! (The meeting itself is at 10. Attend that for extra extra extra credit and speak out!)

yours truly,

Julie B

ps. forward on to people I don’t know but you do.