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Apparently we’re not the only ones who think EkoDisk sucks

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I’ve written in previous posts about the horrible experience we had with a CD manufacturer called Thanks to our excellent search engine placement for the phrase “EkoDisk sucks” (#1 in Google!), we heard from another band that had a similar experience. The Freedom Movement left a comment on one of my earlier posts, and a more complete rundown of their experiences on the CDBaby bulletin boards:

What a good idea! But what a bad company! Our music group tried do do the responsible thing by going with an Earth-Friendly CD pressing company for our second Album. We found EcoDisk on-line and thought, “what a great concept”. So we committed to going with Dave Phillips company and sent him our payment in full in the form of a cashiers check.

Everything after this point was an absolute disaster. Every timeline we set was very delayed on Dave Phillips end. Our cd release date was not met. When we finally received 50 of the 1000 units 3 weeks after our CD release date, the Cd cases themselves were of very poor quality, and did not come close to meeting industry standards. The Screen Print on the CD itself was not what the proof’s said it would be and had a mistake that was overlooked on their end that had been previously addressed during the “proofs” stage.

Dave Phillips told us to return the 50 CD’s and said he would return our money per the warranty agreement. We mailed back the 50 CD’s with confirmation of their arrival, and that’s the last we heard from EcoDisc and/or Dave Phillips. We sent out emails and phone calls for the next 3 weeks, but no response. I looked on-line for other consumer complaints, and Low and behold found some other people in the exact same boat (

So to our utter dismay, we have no other option but to file a law claim to hopefully get our money back. We invested everything we had into this release so we have nothing left to move forward with while we wait for some sort of resolution with this unresponsive company. I’ve never had to sue anyone in my life, and can’t believe that I’m even in this situation.

My goal is to warn anybody who’s considering doing business with this company to PROCEED WITH CAUTION, or at the very least prepare a contract of your own for Dave Phillips to sign and agree to legally. And for God’s sake, don’t pay this guy with cash/cashiers check.


A very dis-satisfied customer
The Freedom Movement

By the way, although David Phillips has signed on to his MySpace page as recently as yesterday, he still hasn’t returned any of our email messages or phone calls for almost two months now. No matter, we got our money back courtesy of a credit card chargeback. Caveat Emptor, though. You may not be so lucky.


Where’s our new CD?, continued

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We just got the money we paid back. Not from the company itself, natch, as they’ve still failed to return any correspondence for six weeks. I’ve made repeated attempts to contact owner David Phillips for weeks via telephone and email, and had also filed a series of disputes with PayPal and our credit card company, all of which were ignored. Instead, we got the money back by filing a dispute with my credit card company, which issued a chargeback.

I have no idea what’s happened to EkoDisk or Dave Phillips. I don’t know if they’ve gone out of business, if he’s fled to South America with our money, is in jail, whatever. And, now that we have our money back, I don’t much care. We’re going full speed ahead with DiscMakers, and should have copies of our new CD in hand in a few weeks.


Where’s our new CD? Ask David Phillips

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We had hoped that our third CD, Most Folk Heroes Started Out As Criminals, would be out by now. We submitted money and the master to the manufacturer in June, and the usual manufacturing time is ten to fifteen business days. But we’re no closer to having our CDs now than we were six weeks ago.

We paid a company in Portland, Maine, called EkoDisk to manufacture the CDs. I had done a previous project with them, and was happy with the results. This time, though, it’s been different. David Phillips of EkoDisk has gladly taken our money, but he has utterly failed to produce the CDs we paid him for. What’s more, he has behaved like a coward, refusing to answer his phone or email for six weeks, hiding behind the distance that lies between Chicago and Portland, Maine.

So this week we started over again, nearly $2000 poorer, with DiscMakers. And we’ll have our discs in a few weeks. In the meantime, I have the pleasure of dealing with Visa and PayPal to attempt to recover the funds that Phillips absconded with.

If you’d like to ask David where our CDs are, you can send him a note at via’s contact page.