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Criminal downloads

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Most Folk Heroes Started Out As Criminals

Most Folk Heroes Started Out As Criminals

You can download DRM-free MP3s of our new CD, Most Folk Heroes Started Out As Criminals, from

The scheduling is a bit of a mistake — we’ve set the release date for the CD on to be October 27th, but the MP3s go through a different distributor, and they’ve sort of jumped the gun. No big deal. They’re there if you want ’em:

Buy Tangleweed MP3s

CDs, with the beautiful album art and spiffy liner notes, are available from our merch page, and

Also, if you live in Chicago, you can snag a copy just by bringing yourself to our CD Release show at the Hideout on Sunday, November 16th.


DRM-free Tangleweed downloads on

Where You Been So Long, available as an MP3 download on Amazon.comGood news for those of you who find iTunes Digital Rights Management (DRM) irksome. You can now purchase DRM-free MP3 downloads of both our first and second records on

No DRM means that you can easily transfer your purchases to the MP3 player of your choice, and use your purchases on as many machines as you like. You don’t have to juggle licenses or authorize or deauthorize machines.

Where You Been So Long on Amazon

Just a Spoonful, available as an MP3 download on Amazon.comYou can also purchase downloads of our soon-to-be-out-of-print first record, Just a Spoonful. We probably have about twenty five CDs left in inventory, and don’t plan to repress the record any time soon.

Just a Spoonful on

For more information on why DRM is bad for consumers, check out this earlier post:

Holy crap, sucks