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Tomorrow night @ The Charleston

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Tangleweed is playing our last show of the year this Friday night (December 9th) at The Charleston in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood. The Charleston has gone smoke-free, so you can damage your liver without harming your lungs.

Filling in for our fine fiddler, Billy Oh, will be the Kevin Burrows, aka the ‘Mayor of Bucktown’, and his arsenal of harmonicas. Music starts at 10 and runs ’til they cut off the booze at last call.


New MP3s on our music page

I freshened up some of the tunes on the Music page.

There’s a new track up there, ‘Hard Times’, from our as-yet-unnamed second CD. We recorded it last month with Mike Hagler at King Size. It hasn’t been mastered yet, but it still sounds pretty damn decent. Mike does good work.

For those folks who still don’t have our fine debut CD, there’s another track up for you to check out, our version of the classic ‘Make Me a Pallet on the Floor’.

There’s also a link to a video of us playing two songs at an Old Town School of Folk Music benefit for New Orleans musicians.


Uncommon Ground

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Thanks to all the folks who came out to see us at Uncommon Ground over the weekend. We had a great time playing there with Kate McDonnell, Eric Jackson, and Mark Lonsway. We’ve been playing big rooms lately, so it was great for us to get a chance to set up and play acoustically for a change.

We used a simple set up for the show: a pair of cheapo Octavia MK-12 condensers stage left and stage right, and then two Shure 32 condensers up the middle. Rich, the sound guy, made a CD of the show. We’ll try to make a couple tracks available soon via the our mailing list.

We’ve been working some new material into the set, and some of it is really starting to come together. We’ve been playing the old-timey fiddle tune ‘Listen to the Mockingbird’ pretty regularly, and Billy is really starting to cook on it.


Tangleweed picked for Twangoff

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(PRWEB) Chicago, December 6, 2004 – Tangleweed, Chicago’s newest old-school bluegrass upstart, is preparing for their first appearance in the Twang-Off competition ( at Martyr’s on Thursday, December 16, 2004. (more…)


Welcome to the TweedBlog

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I’m sitting at home, recovering from shoulder surgery, doing a little work on the site each time I wake up from my Vicodin-induced coma. So… welcome to the TweedBlog.

We’ll use this space to discuss gigs, recordings, and music in general. You can respond to any posts here to add your input to the discussion.