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My “New” 1977 Audion

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It's a vacuum accordion!!!

Just one more of my instruments originating at the Salvation Army.  If I can get it working (and why wouldn’t I) Come out and hear it live on August 21st at our Old Town show.


Happy Ground Hog Day!

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Phil at rest

Phil at rest

For years Punxsutawney Phil has been forecasting the end of winter on February 2nd. Phil told the world today we’ll be holding on to winter for another 6 weeks.

We’ve put together a tribute as to what really went on this morning in our coloring book “Tangleweed Saves Ground Hog Day” To receive your very own copy of “TSGHD” just email Paul your mailing address and we’ll send a copy off to you.  Have no fear, once your coloring book has been sent we will not retain your mailing address.


August 20th: Pig Roast, Wine Pairing & Music!!!

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Tangleweed & members of the MEAT PURVEYORS, Cellar Rat Wine Shop, Clandestino Community Dining Project & H2Vino bring you a unique, fun wine & food event!!!

Hear——————————Eat———————————————- Taste

Thursday, August 20th, 7:00 PM

Come one! Come all! for an evening of MUSIC and FOOD at a super secret location in Pilsen.

Performances by Chicago’s own Tangleweed and Bloodshot’s own Deano Waco w/ members of the Meat Purveyors, in the Chi for one night only, from Austin, Tex.
We will be serving up some Championship pulled pork samiches, the stuff that won the Bronze in Memphis. Also check out the table full of homemade sides that go together with pork like peas and carrots.
Tap your toes and feed your face w/ some Gourmet ‘Que!

$25 dollar donation includes music, BBQ and two tickets which can be redeemed for a tasty wine or beer. Additional tickets can be purchased at the event- 3 for $10. Make your RSVP by clicking here to reserve your space on line.


Dancing Charlie Chaplins

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We were on WGN’s morning news this morning.

Here’s a shot we took with Ana Beleval.   We’re playing the Square
Dance this Friday (10th) for the Great Performers of Illinois
Festival.  10 dancing Chaplins is nothing to sneeze at.


Paul’s Suitbass Remix

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Suitbass Remix 2.0

The classic SuitBass, by Paul Wargaski

In the spirit of going green.  I’ve redesigned and revived the suit bass for maximum output and it still sounds sweet.  I’ll be unveiling it on our summer 2009 shows.  Yes, that’s a vintage wooden suitcase complete with f-holes, a custom bridge, and a re-purposed neck from a dead bass in my violin shop. There’s a bottle opener on the side, and a full wet bar inside the case.


Words from a tough & scrappy label.

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I came across a great interview with Rob Miller, music fan and one of the fearless leaders of Bloodshot Records.  If you are aspiring to work with a  label it’s a very good read.


Bluegrass The Vote

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OK registering does not count as voting, but you’ve got to be in it to win it.

Voter Registration Deadlines!

October 4: Rhode Island, South Carolina, Washington

October 5: Alaska

October 6: Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia

October 7: Illinois, New Mexico

October 8: Missouri

October 10: New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma

October 11: Delaware

October 14: Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon

October 15: Massachusetts, West Virginia, Wisconsin

October 20: California, Kansas, South Dakota

October 21: Connecticut, Maine

October 24: Alabama, Iowa, Nebraska

October 29: Vermont

November 4, Day of Election: Idaho, New Hampshire, Wyoming


Howitzer Shell Bass

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Every bassist needs a hobby. Mine just happens to be building basses. My latest release is ready just in time for some of our summer out of town shows. I started down this path several years ago when I was thinking there must be a better way to get myself and the bass from point A to point B. So I built the original “Suit Bass” from a vintage plywood suitcase. This was a great idea because I could remove the neck and put it inside the body. The trouble was that it had a flat fingerboard and no clearance for a bow. That’s when I came up with this Summers “Howitzer Shell Bass” The neck is still removable and it has a shaped bridge and fingerboard that lets me play with a bow.