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Please keep voting at CBGBFEST!

By Scott. Filed under: TweedBlog.

We are holding tight in the Top 5 vote-getters at CBGBFESTIVAL.COM, thanks to your diligent daily votes! But another week remains and competition is heating up!

Click here to vote for Tangleweed with just a click or two

Please remember to vote daily from as many computer/email-address combos as you have access to. Early and Often is the operative term here, people!

We just need to stay in the Top-5 vote-getters through Friday 10/17, at which point it’s up to the judges to put Tangleweed on the same stage with David Grisman, Avett Bros, and many other great bands.

This is a Chicago bluegrass fest, we’re a Chicago bluegrass band, and Kip and Scott can WALK TO THE THEATER FROM THEIR HOMES, so we like our chances. But we need all the votes we can get to stay in the running, so thanks very much for your support!