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Tangleweed mentioned in the Chicago Reader’s Best of Chicago Issue

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Though Tangleweed didn’t claim the top prize for the best Folk, Country, or Americana Group, we got a nice mention from the Reader this week:

Reader’s Choice: Spires That in the Sunset Rise

Maybe this pick is a reach when so many local traditional acts do their genres such honor (Devil in a Woodpile, Tangleweed, the Hoyle Brothers, and the many faces of Kelly Hogan, for starters). But this all-female freak-folk band is something different under the sun. They play goose-bump-inducing music that sounds like the ancient oral tradition of a culture of their own invention, and they play it with a sort of primordial shamanistic elegance and economy of purpose. Still, I was having a little angst over this decision, until “Black Earth” from their latest, Curse the Traced Bird, shuffled up on my iPod. I froze stock-still in haunted wonder, as if I were hearing it for the first time—and did I mention I was crossing State Street in traffic at the time? The band that can override your survival instinct wins.

Thanks to Monica Kendrick for the kind words. You can read the whole thingy online at