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Home again, home again

We’ve just finished two shows at the Bill Jorgenson Memorial Bluegrass Festival, and are heading south at an unlawful rate.

We had a Saturday night show, and a Sunday afternoon show. Both went well. Andy Leach filled in ably for Scott on guitar. Lots of folks bought CDs, and pre-sales for the new CD, Most Folk Heroes Started Out as Criminals, were brisk as well.

After Saturday’s show, we hung out with the Chasin’ Steel guys for a while, and jammed with some good pickers in the barn until about 1 am or so. Billy, Paul, and Ryan reenacted some scenes from Iron John and Lord of the Flies afterward, the results of which have been videotaped. The tapes will be released to the media in the event that any of them attempts to run for president.

Paul and I played a round of mini golf at our hotel, fighting to a draw. Billy acquired a large quantity of golf balls. Ryan made three cents busking. I heard the Clash playing over the store speakers at the Piggly Wiggly. We fit four people, a fiddle, bannjo, mandolin, and suitbass into a Honda sedan, largely due to Billy’s genius packing job.

Unlike our previous two trips to Wisconsin, no band members were threatened with firearms.