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The new record will be called…

Most Folk Heroes Started Out as Criminals

We’re mastering it tomorrow (Thursday) night with Mike Hagler at King Size in Chicago. Unless something changes over the next 24 hours, here’s the track list and sequence:

Side 1:

  1. Sandy River Belle
  2. California
  3. Short Life of Trouble
  4. The Logjam
  5. Mississippi Trashboat
  6. Pick Poor Robin
  7. British Army

Side 2:

  1. Lay Down My Old Guitar
  2. Takeup Reel / Cold Frosty / *Grey Eagle
  3. Little Sadie
  4. Pain in My Heart
  5. Trishenku’s Heaven
  6. Dead Flowers
  7. Listen to the Mockingbird

*As a recovering Ohioan, I should point out that the correct spelling is ‘gray’.