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A Youtube Study of “Draggin’ the Bow”

By Scott. Filed under: TweedBlog.

Something recently possessed me to search Youtube for versions of the song “Draggin’ the Bow”, which Tangleweed played on Channel 11 a couple of years ago. Here’s our version (minus Ryan, who was unable attend) followed by a few others. I found this to be a worthy exercise in contrast. Enjoy:

1. Tangleweed, Draggin’ the Bow, WTTW 11 Chicago:

2. Local Fiddle Club, Draggin’ the Bow (I really love this one):

3. Colby, 9 years old, Draggin’ the Bow. This young gentlemen should approach us at a show someday with fiddle in hand:

4. South Mountain Band, Draggin’ the Bow. Excellent slow country/polka version. You have to click the link this time, I can’t embed it:

South Mountain Band playing Draggin’ the Bow

That’s just a few of what I actually watched. There are others out there. See this link for more:

Draggin’ the Bow on YouTube

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