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Hot mastering action

It’s difficult to convey with words the excitement of listening to your new record 37 times in a row and deciding whether the break between the first and second tracks should be an eighth of a second longer. This picture will have to suffice.

Hot mastering action at King Size


Masters of our domain

We finished mastering the new CD tonight. Billy, Paul, and I worked with Mike Hagler to sequence the album and burn the master. The masters sound natural, not the headache-inducing square-wave distorted stuff that’s the norm nowadays. Must sleep now.


The new and improved TweedStore

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Our merch section has been completely redone. Gone is PayPal, because PayPal sucks. Gone is the hassle of buying one CD at a time. Gone is the hassle of separate buy links for US and international orders.

Now you can browse our wares, load up your virtual shopping cart, and pay for your purchases securely using Google Checkout.

CDs, buttons, and stickers are in there now. Digital downloads coming soon.

Check it out:

TweedStore: Tangleweed CDs and other merch


Good interview with Bob Weston on mastering

I stumbled across this last night while preparing to attend tonight’s mastering session for our 3rd CD, Most Folk Heroes Started as Criminals. We like Bob Weston a lot. He engineered our first CD, and has recently opened a mastering studio in Chicago. Bob’s engineering style eschews the slick and synthetic in favor of naturalistic sounds. The same sensibility informs his mastering work:

…[A]nother reason we wanted to open the place was to be part of the solution to the insane loudness war thing. We want to educate our clients and try to get CDs sounding good again. There are so many now that just sound loud, but not good. I think a lot of younger guys and girls in bands think that mastering simply means making it really loud.

Read the full article at


The new record will be called…

Most Folk Heroes Started Out as Criminals

We’re mastering it tomorrow (Thursday) night with Mike Hagler at King Size in Chicago. Unless something changes over the next 24 hours, here’s the track list and sequence:

Side 1:

  1. Sandy River Belle
  2. California
  3. Short Life of Trouble
  4. The Logjam
  5. Mississippi Trashboat
  6. Pick Poor Robin
  7. British Army

Side 2:

  1. Lay Down My Old Guitar
  2. Takeup Reel / Cold Frosty / *Grey Eagle
  3. Little Sadie
  4. Pain in My Heart
  5. Trishenku’s Heaven
  6. Dead Flowers
  7. Listen to the Mockingbird

*As a recovering Ohioan, I should point out that the correct spelling is ‘gray’.


Tangleweed’s Abbey Pub show available for download

Our recent show at Chicago’s Abbey Pub with Hot Buttered Rum is now available for download on Many thanks to our pal Brian for taping the show and making it available on the Live Music Archive. Now you can relive the show in all its silver-caped glory in the privacy of your own head.

The set list, as best I can remember:

  1. Train #45
  2. Listen to the Mockingbird
  3. California
  4. Shortlife Of Trouble
  5. The Logjam
  6. The Takeup Reel > Cold Frosty Morning > Grey Eagle
  7. Trishenku’s Heaven
  8. High on a Mountain
  9. Mississippi Trashboat
  10. South Australia
  11. Sandy River Belle
  12. Dead Flowers
  13. With a Bottle in My Hand
  14. Ginseng Blues
  15. Hard Times
  16. Where You Been
  17. Heroin
  18. Orange Blossom Special

Download page for Tangleweed, April 12, 2008 @ the Abbey Pub w/ Hot Buttered Rum


A Youtube Study of “Draggin’ the Bow”

By Scott. Filed under: TweedBlog.

Something recently possessed me to search Youtube for versions of the song “Draggin’ the Bow”, which Tangleweed played on Channel 11 a couple of years ago. Here’s our version (minus Ryan, who was unable attend) followed by a few others. I found this to be a worthy exercise in contrast. Enjoy:

1. Tangleweed, Draggin’ the Bow, WTTW 11 Chicago:

2. Local Fiddle Club, Draggin’ the Bow (I really love this one):

3. Colby, 9 years old, Draggin’ the Bow. This young gentlemen should approach us at a show someday with fiddle in hand:

4. South Mountain Band, Draggin’ the Bow. Excellent slow country/polka version. You have to click the link this time, I can’t embed it:

South Mountain Band playing Draggin’ the Bow

That’s just a few of what I actually watched. There are others out there. See this link for more:

Draggin’ the Bow on YouTube


Another impressive byline for our liner notes writer

Former president Truman celebrates his loss to Thomas A. DeweyAlexander Gelfand, author of the liner notes to our nearly-out-of-print first record has scored another impressive byline. A few months after publishing his first piece in a scrappy east coast daily called the ‘New York Times’, Alexander has published an article in a sleepy midwestern newspaper called the ‘Chicago Tribune’. The Trib (as locals call it) is perhaps best known for breaking the story of the election of Thomas E. Dewey to the presidency in 1948 (right). The Tribune company has also helped transform the once hapless Cubs into the second best baseball team in Chicago.

Alexander has penned a piece on soundproofing for modern city dwellers. You can read the full article here: Put a Lid on It