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Studio shots from Saturday’s session

Here are a couple blur-ific camera phone shots from our last session at King Size. Click to see a larger version. My camera phone doesn’t take especially good pictures in low light, so, save the shot of hot apple-eating action with Billy below, I don’t really have pictures of the boys in the studio. Just the studio itself.

We tracked most of our last record in the control room while Mike built out the live room. We’re glad to be in the big live room — it’s a good sounding room, and there’s more space for us to stretch out without getting in the way. We’re pretty happy with the sounds we’re getting so far. We have nine songs tracked, and will tackle another five in our next session at the end of the month. We haven’t needed more than a few takes of any of the tunes to get a keeper.

We’ll have a sample track for our list suscribers when we send the next update. Right now, I’m partial to the version of ‘Short Life of Trouble’ that we cut in our first session, with a fine vocal from Mr. T Ryan Fisher and harmony vocals from Billy Oh and the author of this post. It has a banjo-mandolin thing that in the middle that we like to call ‘the thing’.

The band have shown remarkable restraint in not touching the Farfisa or Leslie in the tracking room.

Hot apple-eating action with Billy Oh

Another view of the live room at King Size, looking toward the control room

King Size Tracking room