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Quick studio postmortem

We had a good day today recording with Mike Hagler at King Size, though both Mike and our banjo player Ryan Fisher were feeling poorly. We tracked five songs, and added some overdubs to the tunes we tracked last time.

The song list:

  1. The Takeup Reel/ Cold Frosty Morning/ Gray Eagle
  2. Little Sadie
  3. Home For Dinner/ Colorado Cabin
  4. Mississippi Trashboat
  5. Pain in My Heart

We tracked the Takeup Reel medley again because we weren’t happy with the takes we got last time. Strangely, we were less happy with the takes we got today. Whereas the takes we recorded in October sounded rushed, today’s takes sounded kind of leaden. When comparing takes, though, we found a take from last time that we hadn’t listened to, and we all decided that we liked it just fine, so I think we’re good to go with that one.

The drill was the same as it usually is when we track: all the instruments were tracked live, vocals and some solos were overdubbed. For the overdubs, we used a very hip combination of a Blue Mouse and a pancake-shaped Coles ribbon mic. The Coles had a very nice presence that sounded great on guitar and mandolin.

More later.