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On the road again: heading home

The show at the Bottleneck last night in Lawrence was great. Good sound (thanks Adam), good folks, good time. That Damn Sasquatch came over from Topeka to open the show. Nice guys, and a good, high-energy band. There was a taper at the show. We’ll let you folks know if it shows up on or another download site.

They play some of the same trad tunes we do. They do an uptempo version of ‘Short Life of Trouble’ with different lyrics, and in 4/4 time.

The outdoor pool at our hotel was still open, despite it being mid-October and not that warm. I went for a swim before the show to confirm that the water was, in fact, rather cold. Ryan took a swim after the show to confirm that the water was, in fact, still rather cold.

My success in intraband competition continues: I won a bunch of games of pool in a row after the show, so many that I thought it best to stop before the law of averages caught up to me, as I really have no pool skills whatsoever.

We had breakfast this morning at a good little restaurant on Massachussets Ave called the Global Cafe, and then piled in the van to start heading back to Chicago. Bascom Lamar Lunsford’s Ballads, Banjo Tunes, and Sacred Songs of Western North Carolina is in heavy rotation, along with the stellar compilation Down in the Basement.

Here’s the set list from last night’s show:

  1. Draggin’ the Bow
  2. South Australia
  3. Angeline the Baker/ Soldier’s Joy
  4. Where You Been
  5. Hard Times
  6. Takeup Reel/ Cold Frosty Morning/ Grey Eagle
  7. California
  8. Short Life of Trouble
  9. Train #45
  10. Never Make it Home
  11. Spoonful
  12. High on a Mountain
  13. Mississippi Trashboat
  14. Logjam
  15. Ginseng Blues
  16. With a Bottle in My Hands
  17. Last Call Waltz
  18. Heroin
  19. Orange Blossom Special

Thanks to everyone for coming out, and to all the good folks at the Bottleneck for their hospitality.