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On the road again: to Iowa

We’re on the road for a couple days for a quick swing through Iowa and Kansas. As I write this post, we’re in the van on our way to a show at the Bluegrass Cafe in Tama, Iowa. After that, we head down to Lawrence, Kansas for a show at the Bottleneck with ‘That Damn Sasquatch.’ We’re off Saturday, and then we’ll be back home in time for pie.

These shows will help us tune up in preparation for our return to the studio. We head back to King Size to work with Mike Hagler (who engineered our second record) next weekend. We tend to work pretty fast in the studio, so we’re hoping to knock out five or six tunes in a day of tracking. As was the case with the last record, almost everything will be tracked live, as we tend to work best this way.

We all met up at the airport this morning and rented a minivan from one of the agencies at O’Hare. Paul was carrying the suitbass over his shoulder like a hobo bag when an October gale blew it off. The scroll cracked, sadly, but the instrument was otherwise unharmed and remains in fine playing shape.

Construction at O’Hare seems to have necessitated the removal of all all the Starbucks kiosks from terminal 2, leaving us dispirited and confused while we waited for Billy to swing by in the van. Disaster was averted by a quick stop at the O’Hare Oasis to prevent our heads from imploding in a miserable, desperate, state of coffeelessness.

Technology marvels: Scott is in the front seat on a conference call, I’m in the back seat blogging with a wireless broadband connection. I have some pictures, shot in glorious van-o-rama, but my laptop bluescreens every time I plug my iPhone in, so those will have to wait.