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Great review of Where You Been So Long in Tradition Magazine

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Bob Everhart wrote a great review of our most recent CD for Tradition Magazine, the official magazine of the National Country Music Association. You can read the review below, or read it as a scan here.

TANGLEWEED: Where You Been So Long
Tradition Magazine, Sept/ Oct 2007
Bob Everhart

Bang, just when I was feeling really blue with Jackie, here pops up some fiddle music that just absolutely ‘lifts’ you up whether you want to or not. These guys from Chicago are just my style. They are all excellent pickers, and have the ‘nail’ right on. Paul Wargaski sent it down to me. I would surely like to see what they could do at our festival in LeMars in 2008. This CD will be in the running for ‘National Musicians of the Year’ from the Rural Roots Music Commission in 2008, so we’ll see what happens. Everything they do is ‘up’ and I mean they are right on the razors edge, beat wise, and musician-wise. Billy Oh on fiddle and vocals; Kenneth PW Rainey on mandolin, most lead vocals; Paul Wargaski on bass and vocals; Timothy Ryan Fisher on banjo and vocals; and Scott Judd on guitar and vocals. Together they form one of the finest acoustic bands I’ve heard in a long, long time. These are some incredible music makers here, I especially enjoyed Rainey on the mandolin on ‘Ginseng Blues.’ You’ll dig the yodeling here, it’s for real. This is an all encompassing CD, it covers all the bases, from great traditional to experimental traditional. What I like about good acoustic bands is a solid beat, and that usually comes from the bass. This is a good sounding bass, and mixed just right, try ‘High On The Mountain’ for this particular element of good acoustic music. Tony Bennett liked to sing Hank Williams songs because they were good. He liked good music. Tangleweed likes good 20’s jazz too, try ‘I’ve Found A New Baby.’ Do you like Irish jigs? It’s here too. G# minor takes us out of the traditional bluegrass tuning, but it’s still good. Down and out ‘for real’ hillbilly music is also available here. My favorite is ‘Angeline the Baker/ Soldier’s Joy.’ The introduction is totally creative and neat. The melody line is superb and right on. The ending is exactly what ‘Soldier’s Joy’ is really all about. I also like the Slim Whitman approach to ‘Last Call Waltz.’ Who knows, maybe Tangleweed will save the universe from space aliens some day. I sure hope so!