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Charlie Poole playing Don’t let Your Deal Go Down

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More great music from Charlie Poole, courtesy of This is a 1925 recording of one of Poole’s signature songs, Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down. The song is a classic circle of fifths Ragtime chord progression, beginning on the sixth scale degree (E7 A7 D7 G). That basic progression, with some other variations (starting on the III chord, for example), is quite common in early recorded country and blues music.

This version of the song has become an old-time country and bluegrass standard. There are also several flavors of this song in the early blues canon, such as Skin Game Blues, as recorded by Peg Leg Howell.

Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down also had a long life as a fiddle instrumental, particularly among Texas fiddlers. Tangleweed borrowed a strain from the fiddle tune for our version of Spoonful, which is in the same key with the same chord progression. You can find it on our first record.

Charlie Poole plays banjo and sings, his brother-in-law Posey Rorer plays the fiddle on this track, and Norman Woodlief is on Guitar.

Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down (MP3)
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Poole’s complete discography is available in the excellent You Ain’t Talkin’ to Me box set.

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