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The Kennett Brothers playing Easy to Love

I stumbled across this earlier this week when I had my MP3 player set to random — a Kennett Brothers recording of ‘Easy to Love‘ I had completely forgotten about. The song was written by Edith Frost, a Chicagoan who now lives in the San Francisco area. Edith recorded it on her very fine Wonder Wonder record.

She described the Kennett’s version as such on her Twitter page:

Listening to Edward Burch covering “Easy To Love”. It’s very surreal, like I just unearthed an early version with the vocals at half-speed.

The track comes from a batch of seven songs we recorded in June, 2002, as a wedding present for Edward’s cousin, released on a run of a dozen CD-Rs. All the songs were recorded and mixed pretty hastily, so I’m pleasantly surprised at how decent they sound.

The personnel for the recording:

  • Edward Burch: acoustic guitar and vocals
  • Andy Leach: steel guitar and backing vocals
  • Kenneth Rainey: bass and backing vocals

The sessions were done in my basement using a fairly limited number of mics. The acoustic guitar and vocals were all done with a Rode NT1, the bass with a Beta 52, and the steel guitar with an SM 57.

I tried something different with the bass to get a more unusual tone. I attached a contact transducer to the body of an old Danelectro bass, and ran the signal through my acoustic guitar preamp. I blended that signal with the output of an old National valve bass amp.

The mix is mine, and was done ‘in the box’ using Cool Edit Pro on a crappy Windows machine that has since been relegated to the scrapheap.

Easy to Love (MP3)

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