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Paul joins Magnetosphere on stage

By Scott. Filed under: GigBlog, TweedBlog.

Besides playing in Tangleweed, I also play in a rock band called Magnetosphere. We played our first public show in over a year this past Friday at Quenchers Saloon. Tangleweed’s own Paul Wargaski joined us on stage to add accordion to our original country waltz, “Beyond the Reach”.

This was also my first time playing banjo on stage with Magnetosphere. Mind you, I’m no Ryan Fisher, but my crude two-finger style seems to work on this tune, so the guys let me get run with it.

Big thanks to Paul for working this one up on short notice, and I promise to do a better technical prep with him next time. We need to get his electric accordion into the mix a little better (his audibility was variable depending where you stood in the room – I heard everything from “it sounded great!” to “I couldn’t hear it!”).

Paul and Scott on stage with Magnetosphere