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Save net radio: the final stretch

By Kenneth Rainey. Filed under: News, TweedBlog.

Unless Congress acts, thousands of internet radio stations will go offline this weekend. If you haven’t already contacted your Senators and Congressperson, please take a few moments to do so. For more information, please visit

My Chicago Tribune op-ed on internet radio was quoted in the Idaho Statesman this morning. You can read the article here:

It looks like internet radio may have a temporary stay of execution. From Wired Magazine, via

A coalition of webcasters have worked out a deal with the recording industry that could temporarily stave off a portion of crippling net radio royalties set to take effect Sunday, according to people familiar with the negotiations.

The deal is not final but creates a window for webcasters to continue broadcasting while a more lasting solution is sought. Webcasters have said the fees would effectively force many services that personalize individual channels for listeners to close shop by the end of the weekend.

Read the full article at

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