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The Avett Brothers play Old Joe Clark

By Scott. Filed under: TweedBlog, video.

When we played at Wakarusa a few weeks ago, Alisa and I caught a good bit of the Avett Brothers set later that night. They made quite an impressive racket for three guys with acoustic instruments, and the crowd ate it up.

This video isn’t actually that representative of what I liked best about them (the two brothers sang really well together on their original numbers), but it’s amusing none-the-less – their version of Old Joe Clark from the WOW Hall in Eugene, OR earlier this year, including a Led Zeppelin intersert.

Another reason I found this video of interest is that I lived in Eugene from 1991-95, and volunteered for at least 100 shows at WOW Hall, mostly loading in bands and running lights during the shows. I ran lights for Zero, Widespread Panic, Cherry Popping Daddies, and many other local and touring acts during my time there. It’s a great venue with quite a bit of history, both as a venue and, long before that, as a meeting hall for the Woodsmen of the World. It’s well worth checking out if you’re ever in the area.

And lastly, Tangleweed also plays Old Joe Clark all the time. You can hear it on our first cd, Just a Spoonful.