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My 1999 article on Western Swing legend Larry ‘Pedro’ DePaul

Here’s an article I wrote on legendary Western Swing musician and arranger Larry ‘Pedro’ DePaul for the Journal of Country Music back in 1999. He was the architect behind the sound of the great Spade Cooley and Tex Williams bands of the 1940s.

At the time I wrote this, the JCM was among the most consistently interesting and well-written music magazines I had ever seen. It was edited by Chris Dickinson, a former (and now current) Chicagoan, and run out of the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. Input from distinguished researchers at the Hall of Fame, such as Ronnie Pugh and Bob Pinson, kept the standards high. A few years later, they underwent a Stalinist purge that sent Dickinson and Ronnie Pugh packing. Bob Pinson quickly resigned in protest over the appalling treatment his colleagues received. Since then, the magazine has been a vapid rag.

And now, because I couldn’t find it anywhere else on the interwebs, I present my article on Larry ‘Pedro’ DePaul:.

Download article (PDF)

By the way, knucklehead that I am, I mistranscribed DePaul’s wife’s name in the article. It’s Evelyn, not Beverly. My apologies.