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Server stability and site availability

By Kenneth Rainey. Filed under: News, TweedBlog.

Our host,, has had difficulty keeping our site online recently. If you’re reading this, it’s probably working. However, the server has been serving blank pages on about one of every three requests. If we are unable to get the level of service we need from spry, we’ll move the site to another hosting provider.

Thanks for your patience.

Teenage music, volume 2

By Kenneth Rainey. Filed under: Audio, TweedBlog.

Here’s another dose of teenage music.

My miserable childhood in Central Ohio was made more tolerable by the friendship of likeminded and very talented musicians. We all went to Columbus’ performing arts high school, Fort Hayes. Although the curriculum there primarily revolved around insufferable whitebread jazz, we soon discovered a shared interest in American indie rock: The Replacements, the Descendents, The Meat Puppets, Black Flag, and Columbus’ own Royal Crescent Mob.

These recordings began with a 4-track tape recorder in a warehouse on the north side of Columbus, a few presidential administrations ago. We recently took them to Mike Hagler to clean them up and add some new overdubs. For more info, see my earlier post on the subject.

Our work could be divided rather neatly using the following taxonomy:

  1. songs about bands that were more successful than us and, therefore, we hated;
  2. songs about girls that did not like us;
  3. songs about being broke and miserable;
  4. songs about revenge.

In all we finished enough tracks for a six-song EP. The results, considering the humble beginnings of the tracks, sound surprisingly good. See below for a sample track, which utlizes lyrical themes from items three and four in the aforementioned taxonomy. This is quite possibly the stupidest song ever to name-check a major 20th century American avant-garde composer.

The personnel for the track:

  • Joe ‘Jose’ Nelson: drums and percussion
  • Kenneth Kip’ Rainey: Guitar and vocals
  • Robert ‘Rob’ Wuebker: Bass

Thunderwear: (I’ll Be Your) Janitor (MP3)