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Backstage Pass

By Scott. Filed under: GigBlog, TweedBlog.

Tangleweed warms up at Kinetic Playground, Wed. 4/18/07

Tangleweed warming up at Kinetic Playground

Today’s Forcast: Green & Sunny

By Paul. Filed under: TweedBlog.

Well, this is turning into a great birthday for me. That’s right I share a birthday with Adolph Hitler & Carmen Electra.

Since fame by association is not enough for me. I have recently been thrust into the media spotlight be winning the Earth Day Quiz on WBEZ’s radio show World View.

After a rocky start flubbing the first question on the midwests contribution of Global warming gasses (5%). I eaked out a victory with a right answer in the tie breaker question of “How many cellular phones were retired in 2005?” My guess of 100 million was closest (the actual is estimated between 100 & 300 Million)

My prize is a Sun Oven provided by Sun Oven owner Paul Munsen! Which I am looking forward to taking on to road to this summers festivals. When you see us at this summers festivals feel free to ask me What’s Cooking?