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Everybody’s Got One

By Paul. Filed under: News, TweedBlog.

On April 7th my opinion about the Copyright Royalty Board Hearings in Congress was expressed on the Nationally Syndicated Rock & Roll radio show “Sound Opinions”, hosted by Chicago locals Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis.

Below is a transcript of my abounding insightfulness.

Hello, this is Paul from Chicago, and this is my Sound Opinion. I’m calling about the March 31st show, where you discussed the Copyright Royalty Board Hearings. I am a member of the Chicago bluegrass band Tangleweed, who has directly benefited from the growth of Internet radio. Earlier this year, the booking agent for Wakarusa (, a major U.S. festival, found us online at He liked what he heard, and after doing a little more research, hired us to play their 2007 festival. For a band like ours that played local and regional festivals last year, the equalizing elements of internet radio have given us a great boost into bigger and better opportunities.